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About me

From a young age, I was taught that entertainment strengthens the soul. This idea was reiterated to me from Sunday movie nights with my family to the stacks of TIME and Vanity Fair that filled my kitchen counter on a weekly basis. I've realized now that my favorite shows, films and stories are the ones where nothing really happens, yet everything happens at the same time. It's the scenes and moments where people are simply talking, discussing and sharing a dialogue that's unexplainable to those not taking part in the discourse that really stand 

out to me. While I can't be part of those conversations in the movies, shows and books that I adore, in my career as a journalist I can be, in a way. I can tell the stories that matter. As I continue my career, I aspire to approach each assignment with a few key goals in mind: to stay curious, to unveil every perspective possible and to further someone else's understanding of the world. The latter has been the main driver for my passion in this field, and I hope to continue pursuing it for years to come.

My latest projects

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